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World’s BEST Home Kickboxing Workout!

“No Boring Exercises To Do!”

TEN Different Workout Routines Keeps it Interesting and Fun!

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This “Heavy Bag Solution” will get you in shape, keep you there, and help you look and feel your best!

If you are tired of “Boot Camp” exercises and would rather PUNCH and KICK your way to a better body, then read on!

The Heavy Bag Kickboxing Workout System

Each workout is a “10-Round Heavy Bag Routine” to build a strong athletic body, burn fat, and stay fit!

Many people these days are turning to working out at home instead of the gym.  Its more convenient, less expensive, easier to stick with.     However, there is a problem that prevents people from having long-term success with their workout plan:  they don’t enjoy what they’re doing!

This unique Kickboxing At Home System  is a fun, hard-core, one-on-one action of “You vs.The Heavy Bag”!     Its SO much easier to make exercising a frequent and habitual part of your life when you find something that’s both effective AND fun and interesting to do.

THIS IS A WORKOUT “SYSTEM“, AND ACTUALLY CONTAINS 10 DIFFERENT WORKOUT “ROUTINES“, SO THAT YOU ONLY COME ACROSS THE SAME WORKOUT ONCE PER MONTH!   That kind of variety will keep you interested in working out!   Now, please read on….

For most people, the heavy bag is fun for the first several times you use it, but most people’s training routines end prematurely because of boredom, repetition, and monotony, …. and the mental fatigue that goes along with deciding what to do during each round.  This is the biggest cause of high drop-out rates.

When you constantly have to think of “what to do next”, you can’t exercise “in the moment”.   That’s why people have such a better time at group classes:  the instructor takes your mental workload away from you and puts it on himself.   What you need now is a way to capture that same “freedom”, but at home.

I developed a GREAT solution to this!  One you’ll enjoy, learn from, get in shape from, and finally be able to have consistency in your workout program because you’re going to look forward to working out again!  (Imagine that, right?)

My workout system is for those who have a Heavy Bag already, or who plan to get one, and who already know how to execute punches, kicks, elbows, and knees.  (If you don’t know how, there are plenty of resources which my site will link you to that are FREE to show you correct form).

You need NO other pieces of equipment- or people- so nothing can ever detract you from getting an awesome full-body Kickboxing workout in.

(Whoops, sorry, there actually IS something else you need: obviously you need gloves and handwraps, but you also need a round timer.  If you have a smartphone or tablet, just download a boxing timer for free. You’ll see an example of one in the below video.)


Here’s how it works:

I have designed 10 complete workout sessions so that each training day you just hang up your workout sheet and it tells you exactly what to do for your workout that day, just like a group instructor or personal trainer would.   Your workouts never take more than 45 minutes, so its easy to always get your training session in, even when you’re busy.


The below video is just showing you a sample of some of the combinations, so you’ll know what you’re getting into!    The clips are snapshots of some of the rounds; you work the same combination for the entire 3-minute round.   This lets you really practice and improve your game.

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Why Use Kickboxing as your Workout?

Here are some reasons I’ve given other people along the way:

Benefits of this type of training:

  • You’ll be practicing a form of self-defense. You’re spending time on something valuable.  And you’ll be building into to your muscle memory things like  proper distance, timing, balance, technique, combinations that are effective, etc.
  • You’ll be getting in great cardiovascular shape (your heart and arteries).
  • You’ll be keeping your body (bones, muscles, and joints) healthy and strong so that you can enjoy life to the fullest as you get older.
  • This is a great workout for your  ABS AND CORE!
  • You’ll be exercising with a purpose, not just pushing yourself to expend energy like most machines, calisthenics, plyometrics, etc.  Instead, you’ll be busy concentrating on technique, and visualizing striking an opponent, and constantly trying to improve your strikes, balance, power, speed, fluidity, athleticism, etc…  This removes the drudgery from your exercise.
  • Its fun.  You’ll be working so hard that its hard to really call it “fun”, but what I mean is that you’ll like it, which is important.   Music is an important part of the equation here too; it contributes to the overall “feel” of the session.   You’ll be playing your favorite workout tunes, which will help keep you going.
  • Its efficient.  You’re doing everything at once: aerobics, fat loss, strengthening, flexibility, abs/core, learning self defense, etc… all in one 45-minute workout.
  • It’s done at home, so its super convenient.   You have a program you can use for the rest of your life, and you won’t have to join a gym or drive there, pay membership fees, etc.   It saves a lot of time and hassle.  Over a year you’ll save countless hours in drive time alone!
  • If you need to lose weight, there is no better method.  All of your muscles are being used, so you’re burning fat like a machine.  And your bone density will increase too, like with any weight-bearing exercise.
  • Its easy.   Everything is written out. There is no guesswork. There is no wondering if you’re on the right track.  You won’t be forgetting techniques or only using a few over and over again.   You don’t have to worry about becoming bored or not being able to think about what to do during the workout.  All that mental energy being used about  “what strike to throw next” is what kills most people.   You shall forever be immune from that problem!

This Is Not Your Typical “Cardio Kickboxing”….

These are all bona-fide boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques. There’s nothing in here that’s done just for exercise sake, like squats, or artificial kicks; or a punch that’s over to the side, then up in the air.  These are real techniques.. These are fighting techniques. This is effective striking that you can use to defeat an aggressor should the situation call for it.

But this is not a kickboxing or self-defense course..  This is a workout SYSTEM and does not contain technique instruction.   This system contains 10 consecutive workout programs that tell you WHAT to do;  you need to know HOW to do it,  so if you’re a COMPLETE beginner, you may want to hold off on this system until you’ve learned all the basic moves, and how to do them safely and correctly.

The Contents of the System:

Here’s a sample of how the system works:

You have Workout #1. It is 10 rounds long.   (They all are.)

Round 1:   Seated Stretches.   The first round is stretching, to get you loosened up for the upcoming workout. You provide your own stretching exercises, but all the ones you do during this first round are done SEATED, on the floor. (this makes it easy to remember which ones to do each time). So every workout starts out the same way, with seated stretching for 3 minutes.  (This makes every session easy to start, so you can slowly “get in the mood” to exercise.)

Round 2:  Standing Stretches.   The second round is more stretching, but this time all the stretches are STANDING. Come up with your own stretches; it shouldn’t be too difficult to find about 6 different stretches to do while on your feet. The workout sheet is only going to say “Standing Stretches”, so you’re going to have to know what to do here.

Round 3.  Dynamic Stretching.   Now, its time for Round #3, and, you guessed it, you have one more round of stretching, but this time its different: this is called “Dynamic Stretching” and its STRETCHING WHILE YOU’RE MOVING. (I’ll tell you what to do here, but we’re really just wanting to warm up the hamstrings and hip joints to get them ready for a lot of range of motion. Don’t think this is too much stretching, its only 3 rounds of 3 minutes for Pete’s sake!)

Round 4:  Shadow Boxing.    I know what you’re thinking: “I want to hit the damn heavy bag already!”   Ok, easy, partner!  You’ll get PLENTY of Heavy Bag in.   Lets just do one more thing first: Round 4 is Shadow Boxing.  This will help you get loosened up, get the blood flowing, get the heart rate up, and really gear your body (and mind) to get in the mood for the Heavy Bag.

Plus, it helps you tremendously with balance and footwork (which ultimately leads to power).   A lot of people neglect their shadow boxing and NEVER do it.   But if you’re at least doing this ONE round every workout day, at least you’re putting in three minutes of it, which builds up over the course of a year up to 8 hours of shadow boxing…Wow!

(That’s why this is called a “system”. It systematically incorporates everything you really NEED, and nothing important gets neglected.)

Round 5:    Ok, here we are, Round #5!   Time for the Heavy Bag   (I told you we’d get there!)

We have 6 rounds on the Heavy Bag per workout, which is plenty.

You don’t want to do too much too often, and this is the perfect amount.   It prevents burnout, it helps you not run your body down, it prevents too much wear and tear on your joints, it helps keep your enthusiasm for the workouts up, it decreases the likelihood of an injury, and it allows enough rest and recuperation between sessions.

(I recommend no more than 3 times per week.   If you’re doing a lot of other exercise, then maybe 2 times per week).

Ok, so back to Round #5…. What are we doing here?   Well, we’re going to perform whatever combination the workout sheet calls for.  It will tell you very specifically what you’ll do for this round.  For example, it might say, “Avoid jab by slipping back, then fire a right cross, left hook, right cross, switch kick left, then knee”. 

So, you do that one combination for the whole 3 minutes. You might perform it 10 times or so, depending how good your cardio is.  (You didn’t have to think up that combination, so your mind is free, and all your energy can go into your performance!)

There is a minute rest between rounds.

(Your timer will tell you when to go and when to rest.)   It is critical to actually use a timer.

                                {Don’t worry, I’ll provide you with complete instructions.}

Then you go to…

Round #6:    This round might say,

“Right uppercut, left hook head, bob and weave into a left shovel hook body, bob and weave and fire a right cross, then left hook head.”

You’ll do this for the next 3 minutes. Then a one-minute rest again.

You see, each round you’re concentrating on ONE combo at a time.  That way you can really focus in on refining your technique, developing better footwork, increasing speed or power, whatever.   The point is, you’re always trying to improve some (or all) aspects of your game.   And guess what? A PHENOMENAL workout is the result!  YOU concentrate on the combo, and the SYSTEM concentrates on building your body…   You don’t even have to think about it!

Next would be…

Round #7,  might be  “Hooks“.    For this combo you’ll just stand at the bag and pummel the sides of it with hooks – this REALLY, REALLY works your obliques and abs!!!   Don’t worry about fighting or footwork on this one, just concentrate on your form, and on power.  (Every now and then there’s something “different” like this thrown in.)

 {All that twisting is really good for your core, btw!}

 then Round #8,   then Round #9,    then Round #10.  –  each with a brand new combo to do.

By the end of your session you should be exhausted!   

You will also have NO STRESS left in your body!

It completely disappears by the end of the workout- always.    However, the entire training session must be focused.   This must be your 45 minutes away from everything.    You cannot answer the phone, respond to a text, think about work, or anything else during the training.   This is YOUR time, for YOUR body, and YOUR mental well-being!   This is when your body, mind, and spirit get recharged and rejuvenated. ALWAYS follow this rule during your workout sessions- NO distractions no matter how tempting.

And NO exercising during your one-minute rest between each round. Just take this time to catch your breath, get a few sips of water, whatever…. you’ll only have a few seconds left before the bell rings to start the next round- so rest!

{If you don’t follow this rule, you will be robbing yourself of a huge benefit. The anti-stress benefit achieved with this program is quite significant.}

 You’ll feel GREAT after this hard workout!  You’ll know you just got an awesome training session in, you’ll have polished your self-defense skills, you’ll have increased your flexibility, you’ll have strengthened and toned your whole body, and you’ll have relieved all of your stress!

And this will happen EVERY single time you workout!   I thought about making this into a video format, but you can’t bring a video out to your heavy bag, nor can you look at a video while you’re training.   You must be 100%  focused on the bag, because that’s your opponent.   So video can’t be part of your workout.  You can’t be trying to push buttons on a device or  flip pages in a book…  Its impractical and gets in the way of your workout.   Every now and then you come across something in life where “low tech” really is better, as counterintuitive as that may seem.

Just so you know, here’s what I do:

I have all 10 workouts in a notebook.

I just open the notebook to Workout #6 or whichever one is next, and as the round begins…

  • I first read the combination and practice it in the air slowly to memorize what it is. I’ll do it about 2 more times until I have it.
  • Then I’ll slowly do the combo on the heavy bag.  So, after I’ve got it down pat, I go full bore on the bag, move around, keep in a good fighting stance, and push myself to get the combo in as many times as I have the energy for until the bell rings.  Its a three-minute fight!

You will NEVER again wonder what to do at the bag!   Its written down right there for you – now all your energy is going into the bag instead of spinning around inside your head wondering what to throw next!   Until you do it this way, you will never fully understand just how liberating this is.  The only thing better is having a trained coach hold the mitts and tell you what to throw each time. That’s great, but this is for “Home” workouts, and you never have to rely on another person, or incur any additional expense, so it can last you forever.………….

                        So, that was workout #1….
You’ll take a day off, or two, and the next time you workout, you’ll go on to Workout #2.

It will be exactly the same format, only the combinations and techniques will be different. 

For example, you may end up with the last round being “Infighting/Clinch/Dirty boxing”.   That means you keep your shoulders, arms, or hands on the bag the whole time, and you only throw “close-range” weapons like hooks to the ribs, kidney punches, elbow strikes, knees or side knees, whatever. This is to simulate that last round when you’re just exhausted and maybe you or your opponent is up against the ropes and you’re just battling it out at close range in a clinch.  (It will also help you if you ever get into a fight in a phone booth!)

For kicks and giggles, here’s a clip of the “Clinch/Infighting” Round:

YouTube Preview Image

Every now and then a round is comprised of only punch techniques. I also make sure that each workout has combinations with knee techniques, push kicks, switch kicks, etc.    I want to keep every workout challenging and full of variety.    However, you will be throwing a lot of right crosses and left hooks…. that’s just the nature of the game.   It happens.   Jabs too, and roundhouse kicks.  Get used to ‘em, you’ll be throwing them a lot.

You’ll have 10 different workouts, so by the time you get back around to Workout #1, a lot of time has gone by.  What does that mean?

 It means you’re NOT sick of it!  Or bored with it!

You may only come across it 10 or 12 times in a whole year!  I’m sure you’ve heard people say:  “You have to keep mixing up your workouts, so your body doesn’t get used to it and plateau.”   Well, this system accommodates that principle perfectly, so lets challenge your body and your mind from all angles, and lets build our arsenal of weapons and combinations so that we’re never at a loss for what to do regardless of the situation we may encounter in life vs. a violent opponent.   (As an aside, this is strictly an exercise program. It is not a self-defense course.   But I’m sure if this was your workout routine for a year or two, your fighting skills will have HAD to get much better, whether that’s a goal of yours or not.)

Now, the system also comes with 2 “Bonus” workouts.

(I hate “Bonus” anything, it usually means its worthless crap!)

However, in this case, the “Bonus” workouts admittedly ARE very similar to the other 10 workouts (so don’t get too excited) , but they’re a slight variation, just to give EVEN MORE VARIETY to your workouts.  You’ll read more about them in the “Instructions”.

The price for this program is $99.

“Why so cheap”, you ask?

(Ok, I know no one really asked!   I know you can buy a few really nice books for this price, or a couple of DVD programs, but books and DVD’s won’t give you the opportunity to go to the heavy bag and immediately begin having a fun, productive, and effective workout time after time, week after week, even year after year.

What you bring to the bag has to be simple, and on one page (you can’t very easily flip thru pages with boxing gloves on!).

In order to make it most effective, I had to pare this down to just the bare essentials : after your one-minute rest between rounds, you only have several seconds to read over the technique combination before its time to apply it. The last thing you want here is “extra reading material”!

You’ll be getting something you can use for the rest of your life, that will keep you strong and fluid and athletic, that’s fun, and that helps you build fighting skills.  And, its so easy to use, that you WILL  actually use it!

 My workout program gets used three times per week, by me and my private clients.   If there was anything better I could do, or change in the program or system, I would have done it.    Actually, I’ve ALREADY done it…Its been a “work in progress” for 3 years!  And any updates I do to the System get sent to you free of charge, forever.  In fact, a little secret is:  there are actually more than 10 workouts now.  And you’ll get these new workouts too!  All you have to do is be an active member and participant on the website so that I know you’re using the workouts.

The “Product” itself is in .pdf form.  You’ll simply open it and print it out.

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

The value here is in the combination of techniques, in the variety, and in the completeness of the system where you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a lifetime of working out on the Heavy Bag.  I truly believe this is the best  Home Workout program for the person who wants to experience a lifetime of fitness and better health.  And I’ve really tried to “undersell” this program because I have a philosophy of “under-promising but over-delivering”.   Once you get on the program, I think you will find it to be much better than you even imagined.   (This prevents me from getting negative feedback, having to handle complaints, acquiring dissatisfied customers, etc.)

Now, one caveat: you must know how to throw the techniques, because no instruction is given in them, except for my free instructional videos…. yuck, right?  . If you don’t know how to throw a Roundhouse kick, or a right cross, or a left hook, etc., then you can’t use this system until you get that necessary instruction.  That being said, you can always get the necessary instruction by going to YouTube:  Bas Rutten, Samir Seif,  and several others have fantastic technique instructions. I use them too to try to improve my own technique.

But even with a live teacher, you’ll still want this system if you plan to use the heavy bag on your own.  If you don’t have it, its easy to die of boredom, or of bad habits, or just of plain attrition, but the odds of you lasting in your heavy bag program are very slim.

WITH this program, the only way you will fail is if you simply have no interest in kickboxing or Muay Thai. As long as you’re an interested participant, this system will provide EVERYTHING you need and you will LOVE having this as your exercise program!

Buy this system… use it!   It will change your workouts, and that can very positively influence the other areas of your life.   And I know it will do wonders for your body. EVERY single muscle group, from biceps and calves, to shoulders and abs is getting fully worked.

Getting on this system could be one of  the best things you have ever done for yourself.

I use it EVERY time I work out.  It just makes working out SO much easier.   I just used it tonight. (at the time of writing)   And I just used it to train someone last night.  And I mean this EXACT system, with no deviation from it.  (How many trainers do you think are actually USING the same course or program that they’re recommending to others?  I doubt very many.)

Buy it today.   Start using it.   You’ll never look back.

For the price of 2 personal training sessions, you can train yourself FOREVER!

*** EXCITING  UPDATE! ***  (ok, not really THAT exciting, but here goes….)

[Video instructions of each of the workouts are also in the hopper to be produced.  When they come out, you will have access to all of those, free of charge, as well.  Update: the first Instructional video is already out, the second is on its way….]

Use the site attached to this program and leave your comments on the blog, and look through the other information related to this workout program.  Nothing else is for sale.  You won’t be getting emails about “promotions”, “special events”, and “sales”.  There are no gimmicks or frills.  The site serves one purpose:  to help those on the system and eventually become a hub or community of persons all pursuing the same goal of a fitness lifestyle.

*** People want to know why they print out the workouts instead of shipping them a pre-made book or notebook. This is because you will be using this System month after month, year after year.  A “book” has a lifespan on it, so you will need to re-do your notebook probably once per year to keep it fresh and crisp.  You may spill something on it, rip it, lose it, or otherwise damage it.  A one-time product like a book or notebook simply will not be satisfactory.  And this way you can control the print size and darkness based on your own eyesight and training environment.  Its much better this way, believe me! ***