Who Says You Can’t Get a Great Kickboxing Workout in at Home?

You don't have to be a great kickboxer to have a great kickboxing workout.

If you want to train on your own, but have had problems with motivation and consistency, this is the way to do it.

Train at home, with your own music, avoid the commute, and still have the best workout of your life!

Seriously. That can happen.

The Kickboxing Underground gives you an entire exercise system by simply using fight training on a heavy bag.

* Rotate through a series of workouts... you'll only be doing the same workout about once per month.

* Follow a System that reinforces good fight habits, while getting a great workout using your entire body.

* No boot camp exercises to do. (These create "exercise avoidance", so I designed a workout method that doesn't need them!)

* Each workout is 10 rounds long and is designed to make sure none of these areas get neglected:

* Cardio/endurance/conditioning/stamina

* Core/abs

* Full body muscle strengthening

* Fat burning (this follows many high-intensity workout principles or H.I.I.T.)

* Athleticism, coordination, balance

* Stress reduction

* Consistency in your workouts (we took everything out of workouts that sucks. Now you can actually enjoy working out again.)

* Flexibility (its so easy to bypass it, so we built it right into the system to make sure it never gets neglected.)

{Disclaimer: this program is not for beginners. You must know how to perform the basic strikes of Muay Thai or MMA. You don't have to be good at them- at all- but you need to know what you should be trying to practice. They can certainly be learned, free on Youtube, for those that need help. Our site will list many such free resources for you.)

When you join the Kickboxing Underground, it's much like a gym membership: you must follow the Rules. The Rules of the workout are designed to make sure every training session is fantastic, and to make working out on the heavy bag as EASY TO KEEP UP WITH as possible!

You workout on your own schedule, but we recommend every other day, or 3 times per week. It will give you everything you need, from muscle strengthening, cardio, core/abs, athleticism, fighting skills, and flexibility.

Here is the way the workout system works:

You will rotate through 10 different workouts. Each workout is 10 Rounds long. (3 minutes each round)

You download a free timer on your phone or tablet, and your training session operates much like a fight: when the bell sounds and the light turns green- you work. When it turns red- you rest.

Invite a friend or workout partner and train together if you wish.

All you need is a Heavy Bag. (And gloves. and wraps. and a free timer.)

There's no boot camp exercises in it like you have to suffer through in group classes.  45 minutes is all it takes, and you'll have worked your whole body: abs and core, shoulders, arms, legs, you name it.

(Again, with no exercises! Yuck, right? I can't force myself to do exercises all the time, and subconsciously it makes me avoid my workouts. Doing stuff you hate is NOT a smart way to plan to stick with a routine. How many times have you already tried that?)

I hacked the home kickboxing workout and developed over a period of a couple years the ABSOLUTE BEST HOME KICKBOXING WORKOUT possible. Its the best because its easiest to stick with, you get to listen to your own music, and you get to practice things that are fun and empowering. It is specifically designed to keep you motivated and avoid injury and burnout (the two enemies of a workout plan).

There are no DVD's to watch. No fluff to suffer through.  It's all practical fight training.  This fight training takes your mind off of the effort and puts your focus on the opponent and the fight.  Much more fun!

Here's what happens:

You simply post your workout where you can see it at the beginning of every round and follow along, round by round.

You must follow the rules. Here they are:

1. No distractions from the outside world. No checking the phone, texts, emails...anything that takes your mind off of your 1-hour escape from outside concerns.

2. You must use a timer. (There are many available as free downloads on tablets or phones.)

3. You must rest during the rest periods. (Between all the rounds, except the stretching rounds)

4. You must look at the bag the entire round as you're fighting. It is crucial to develop the habit of never taking your eyes off your opponent.

5. You must not get stressed out when your technique isn't perfect. This is your "lab" to grow and get better. You have the rest of your life in front of you. Do not be in a hurry to "perfect" anything, except for how diligently you follow the System.

6. You must keep your hands up when the light is green. As soon as the fight bell rings, BAM- those hands gotta go up by your face and you need to be in fight stance. This develops the habit of fight time being fight time, 100% disciplined as a habit, with no thinking.  You hear a bell, and like Pavlov's dog you immediately go into self protection mode, and get ready to throw down with your opponent.

Are you ready to join us and begin training at home using this unique system?  (You might want to read the FAQ's first.  Make sure this is the right training system for yourself.  We don't want to just sell memberships:  we want you active and loving it!)