Dress for Success in Your Home Workout Program

I think the single biggest complaint I hear from people engaged in a home exercise program is…. can you guess what it is…?  Yes, that’s right:  lack of motivation!

That’s one of the reasons why I always stress to find something you LIKE to do!   The more you like something, the less self-discipline it takes to stick with…obviously.  However, even when you’ve found something fun and interesting to do, you must always guard yourself against losing motivation.  One of the best ways to keep motivated is to try to improve every element of your workout experience.  “Dressing for success” is one key element in this equation.  Others are:  having equipment you like and are excited about; making sure your “Workout System” notebook is in top shape and printed on paper you like looking at; keeping your workout area meticulously clean and tidy; putting on the best music to inspire and motivate yourself.
But back to the subject at hand:  dressing for success in your workout program.  What do most people wear when they workout?  Probably their WORST outfit, or something they might do yard work in; not too inspiring!  Do you remember when you tried to keep up a jogging regimen?  It was hard to keep going every day, but there was ONE particular day that was much easier than others:  the day you bought a new pair of shoes!   Right?  How did I know this?  Because we’ve all been there.  When you first get a new bike, you want to ride your bike.  When you get a pair of shoes, you want to use them.
The same principle applies in your Kickboxing At Home Workout regimen.  You are going to feel a LOT more like fighting that heavy bag when you’re wearing an awesome pair of MMA shorts!   Even better- MMA shorts and an MMA shirt!  (Add on the special shoes and you’ve got the trifecta)
On a personal level, I have about 6 pairs of MMA shorts, and about 12 fight shirts.  Every time I enter my workout area to get my groove on, I put on a pair of my awesome shorts and shirt, and the shoes that I wear ONLY when I’m doing my kickboxing workout.
This keeps your workout clothes “sacred”, meaning “set apart”.  They are set apart for one use only:  to engage in your kickboxing workout!   When you are wearing a workout outfit that you’re excited about, that excitement translates directly into your workout.  You can’t wait to get started because you’re already “feeling the part”.  I can’t remember even one workout in the last few years when I didn’t wear my “special” clothes.  My health and fitness is too important to me to take a chance on dinging my motivation.  I’m going to give myself every advantage towards staying pumped up about my workouts.
So, buy great clothes.  All that money you’re saving by working out at home more than pays for your new diggs many times over.  Get yourself enough to last you through one cycle of laundry so that you never have to go without.  Then, every now and then, pick yourself up a new pair of shorts, or a new shirt, or a 2nd pair of shoes to rotate into the schedule.  When Christmastime or birthdays come up, instead of saying “I don’t know”, tell people the new shirt or shorts you want; heck, give them a link to the catalog and the item #.  Give them the 800 number and the sku!  You are going to feel like a million bucks when you dress like a million bucks.  So skip the Walmart specials and buy the best quality gear you can.  This isn’t money wasted on clothes; this is an investment in your health, and in your future body!
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