“Where the Heck Did You Get All these Combinations from???”

Anyone who has read thru the “Master Combination List” has wondered: “how did someone come up with all these different types of combinations?”

I wish I could say it was easy. It was not!

Sure, I THOUGHT it was going to be easy, but when I set out to add new combinations to my workout system, I kept discovering the same old boring combinations over and over again. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here’s how I did it:

1. I used to own a gym called “L.A. Boxing”, which are now called “UFC Gym”. I hired many fighters and top-notch instructors to teach the classes. Every now and then, one of them would not show up for class, so I’d have to teach it! After this happened several times, I thought, “I better prepare myself by having a lot of cool combinations written down in advance!”
So I set off to do just that. I thought of everything I could (from previous martial arts and kickboxing experience), and wrote it down. Then, when an instructor would be demonstrating a technique in class, if I liked it and thought it worked well, I’d add it to the list.

2. I read thru books. Boxing books, Muay Thai books, streetfighting and self defense books, etc. I searched thru them to pick out all the combinations I could. This is when I realized: most material has the same few combinations over and over again. Even when they would list “15 combinations for Boxing” or something similar, they would simply be stacking punches on top of each other and calling them a new combination (eg. Jab; Jab-Cross; Double Jab-Cross; Triple Jab-Cross; etc. etc.) Well, that didn’t seem too exciting, but I was able to glean several good combos that were previously not thought of.

3. Experimentation on the bag.
I would go to my heavy bag and decide to throw a technique. Then I would strategize: “Ok, from this point, what technique makes the most sense to throw next?” And one technique would lead to the other. OR- I would want to add in a specific technique, so I would strategize the series of moves that would naturally lend itself to implementing the technique.

4. Watching fights.
MMA fights, that is. When I would come across a cool combination that I haven’t seen before, I would quickly write it down before I forgot it (after rewinding it over and over to capture what was really going on). I would choose techniques that were effective, especially if they lead to a knockout.

5. Other instructors, like on Youtube.
What instructors, you ask? ANY and ALL! I have spent HUNDREDS of hours watching kickboxing classes (and no, never came across any good combinations!), fighters, trainers, instructional clips from DVD’s, etc. If there’s a famous MMA fighter out there, and he has a lot of clips, I’ve probably picked up a thing or two to add to the system from them.

One thing all of these techniques had to have in common: they have to work well on the heavy bag!
A lot of techniques work well with a partner or in a fight, but they don’t translate well to the heavy bag workout for one reason or another, so there are some combinations I liked, but through experimentation I learned they just weren’t right for the workout system, so they were scrapped.

Sometimes after a few workouts I’d realize that a particular combination had to be scrapped, or edited or refined, and I’d go back and make the changes. After a couple of years, ALL the combinations have been gone thru so many times, both by myself and by trainees, that everything has been refined and perfected so no further revision is necessary.

The next hard part was figuring out HOW to best place all of these disparate techniques into the workout system in a way that avoided overuse, kept the variety up to a max, kept the level of spontaneity up, and kept the intensity level of each workout somewhere near the same level. This process took a LONG time because it got very confusing until I figured out a system to use that would help me avoid duplication and overuse/underuse. That’s why the combinations are color-coded, in case you were wondering!

Hard to believe that this Workout System, that started from the humble beginnings of ONE workout on one index card, has grown to a complete Home Workout System that can be used month after month and still keep people WANTING to work out! And THAT’S the name of the game! You gotta like what you do. If you don’t, you won’t do it!

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