Better Than a Group Class

1. You won't overtrain a body part, as the workload is carefully distributed. Many trainers will have you burning out your legs, abs, whatever with WAY too much focus.

2. No travel and parking. Workout right in your own home. How many times have you skipped your workout because there just wasn't quite enough time to pack, get there and train, and get back home?

3. You don't subject yourself to all the virus and bacteria of the gym, like staph infection.

4. You listen to your own music. In all its glory.

5. Never encounter a misguided or incompetent instructor. Get your own instruction from YouTube, for free. I'll guide you to all the best free sources, no problem!

6. There are no boot camp exercises between or during fight combos. Every other kickboxing class adds these in for a whole lot of filler-fluff. You don't need filler... Your workout is stacked!

7. It's more convenient to train at home -- starts any time you want, no class times or difficult schedules: 6am, 3pm, or midnight... it doesn't matter!

8. When you're done, you're already home! Get back to your life quicker.

9. You will always work to your own level, not that of a instructor. This makes it safer and you'll be less prone to injury and burnout.

10. You will be throwing a much greater variety of fight combinations on the bag. Most instructors will simply wing combos with no forethought. At the Kickboxing Underground, each class has been very carefully planned out. And refined to be as good as possible. Some of the combos we do couldn't even be done in a group class... you'd smack into the person beside you.

11. Unlike a traditional gym membership, we actually WANT our members to actively workout each and every training session! So we make it easy. And fun. We want you to continue! (And we don't even make an extra dime along the way. We want this FOR YOU!)

12. Private showers! (You're home. So you don't have to pack any bags.)