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Please hit us up with any questions, we love to help get people started on this exciting training method!

Prerequisites to join the Kickboxing Underground:
  • Must have a heavy bag and a place to train.
  • Must have some martial arts background in order to generally know how to punch, kick, elbow, and knee.
  • Must printout the workout notebook and use a Round Timer (free app) during the workouts.

When you join the Kickboxing Underground you are joining a System and a training philosophy.  It will accommodate from Intermediate to Pro level, but is not recommended for people with no training knowledge.  (after all, how could a Professional be satisfied with something a beginner can immediately apprehend?)

With our System, you will get more variety of strikes, more combat-oriented fight training, and more hard-hitting exciting action than any home workout you've ever done.  And you can keep this training going month after month after month.  Just show up to your training area and follow along!  Simple.

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