Home Kickboxing Workout

Tired of boot camp exercises and not enjoying your workouts?



  • Home exercisers who are looking for a long term plan that won't burn them out.
  • Fighters who want a great game plan for training solo.
  • People who love kickboxing but hate all the bootcamp exercises.
  • People who want to train using a much more realistic and opponent-focused game plan. (not cardio kickboxing)
  • People who want to replace their group class with training at home.

What is it?

The Kickboxing Underground System is a “10-Round Heavy Bag Routine” to build a strong athletic body, burn fat, and stay fit while developing fighting skills.
For most people, the heavy bag is fun for the first several times they use it but their training routines end because of boredom, repetition, monotony, and the mental drain that goes with deciding what to do during every round. This is called decision fatigue and is a real drain on how much you'll enjoy your workout.

When you constantly have to think “what should I throw next?”, you can’t exercise in the moment. That’s why group classes are so much fun: the instructor takes your mental workload away from you and puts it on him/herself. What you need now is a way to capture that same freedom of mind, but at home.