Using Science and Psychology

Prevents "Decision Fatigue".

Psychologists have discovered that making numerous decisions wears out our mental faculties and leaves us less satisfied with our choices. Our System was created so that when you stand before the heavy bag, you already know what to do, so that you don't have to make a decision or choice about what technique or combination to throw. When you train on your own, you actually have to make choice after choice, up to 30 times per round, leaving you much more mentally fatigued after your training session. That is why you're left with no stress after your training sessions on this program; it has been specifically engineered to accomplish this goal.

Uses the principle of H.I.I.T.

Exercise scientists have discovered and reaffirm with study after study that high intensity interval training is the best way to get maximum "bang for your buck" with your exercise routine. Going at high intensity, followed by a short break, over and over again, has been proven to be much more beneficial than doing endurance workouts, like long-distance running. There are always articles coming out about "the best way to exercise". All you have to do is follow this System and all that has already been taken into account for you.

Exercise Avoidance:

People put off exercise because it is hard, and the thought of exerting oneself seems unpleasant.

This System was designed so that it eases you into the workout, with the first round being Seated Stretches on the floor.   (Folks, it don't get much easier than that.)  No matter how sluggish you feel, you'll be able to start the workout and not worry about whether or not you're in the mood.

The next few rounds slowly increase the energy output so that each round simply flows into the next, and each one gets you in the mood for the following one. This lets your psychology work for you and not against you. You will have much more long-term success when you don't have to overcome this initial resistance to getting started.

New Challenges. Mixing up your Routine:

Experts have been touting for decades to mix up your workout routine, create "muscle confusion", and to keep your body guessing and adjusting to the stimulus you're placing upon it. Well, in light of this objective, each training session is a new program, with all sorts of new combinations to throw.   (These aren't random collections of strikes, but carefully chosen and crafted combinations that make sense on the heavy bag.)

Helps Build Consistency in Exercise by having Fun.

The huge advantage this System has over every other workout routine is that it is tempered so that it can be used week after week, month after month, year after year- without burning you out. Most routines go for the impress factor by showing how hard they are, and how rapidly you're going to see maximal results. This is short-sighted, and only works for a small minority of people. Most of these programs will burn you out quite quickly, and you will begin to dread doing them.

And if you don't enjoy  doing "bootcamp" exercises, you're in for a real uphill climb because most programs are little more than numerous bootcamp exercises given to you in various intensities, week after week. They are no fun, and you will have to FORCE yourself  to continue, and this internal battle will take place every single day. Believe me, I've done it, and so have you, and it has never proven to be an effective long-term strategy to making exercise a consistent part of your life. Nothing is as important as CONSISTENCY. Even a poor program- that you will do, is better than an awesome program- that you won't do. (Hey, you've got the best of both worlds here!)

Adequate Recovery is Essential for Growth!

One of the most often overlooked biological factors to a successful workout system is the ability to recover. With it you cannot progress.   Any effort expended past the point you can recover is wasted energy.

By contrast, our System has been specifically designed so that YOU can control the energy output level and adjust it to your own level of fitness. A beginning and an advanced athlete can both use this exact same workout and each get the results he or she sought after with equal success.  "How", you ask? Because the heavy bag rounds are easily adaptable to one's specific level of cardio endurance: if you're less fit, you simply do the fight combinations with less vigor, or take more time between each combo,  or use less footwork and movement, etc.

My general advice to people is to exercise around 85-90% of their potential. You need that extra 10% that you left in the tank to recover with after the workout.

Most  exercise programs push you 100% day after day, which leads to overtraining. Here's what happens when you overtrain: - Your body stops responding to exercise.

  •  You get sick or develop an injury (this is your body's way of forcing you to slow down). You will often get a flu-like illness, a throat infection, or something similar. Or you'll get tendinitis or similar overuse injury.
  • You lose motivation and enthusiasm for training.
  • In a really bad case, you will actually burn/lose muscle tissue and start moving backwards in your progress. Translation: all that hard work for nothing!!!